The Institute of Fuel Research & Development (IFRD) launched its journey as the Fuel Research Division of the East Regional Laboratory, Dhaka in 1955. In 1967 it was renamed as Fuel & Petrochemical Science and Technology Division of East Regional Laboratory. After the independence it was again renamed as Fuel Division of BCSIR Laboratories, Dhaka. IFRD was established as a separate Institute of BCSIR in 1980

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The Institute of Fuel Research & Development (IFRD)has two divisions:
a. Research division
b. Application division


The objectives of IFRD are mainly focused on:

1. Utilizing the existing traditional and commercial fuels more efficiently by improving the efficiencies of different burning devices commonly used in the country, for its conservation, reduction of the emission of green house gases in the environment and to check the health hazards of the users.

2. Assessing the fast growing plants for rapid production of biomass and studying the methodology for efficient land management

3. Acquiring better technology for production of biogas by utilizing biomass and other organic wastes for generation of electricity with a view to improve the socio-economic condition of the rural people.

4. Developing appropriate technologies for utilization of new and renewable sources of energy, e.g. solar, wind and hydro.

5. Conversion of crude oil into high octane gasoline without using TEL and production of different petrochemicals from natural gas.

6. Studying the environmental pollution caused by the emission of smoke & other poisonous gases from automobile & industries.

7. Analyzing different commercial products used as fuels and allied products supplied by different local industries and other producers.

8. Dissemination different technologies innovated by the institute through pilot scale projects and pursuing "Loop Research" for rapid acceptance of technologies by the users.


1. The institute is involved in Research and Development (R&D) activities on renewable energy like biomass, solar, wind, mini and micro-hydro sources.

2. It also performs R&D activities on fossil fuels e.g. conversion of fossil fuel into other forms of energies.

3. It also investigates on environmental pollution created by different gaseous emissions, viz. monitoring of CO concentration as an atmospheric pollutant in Dhaka city.

4. R&D activities are going on for production of biogas from various waste products like cow dung, poultry litter, night soil, press mud, municipal, agricultural, industrial wastes etc.

5. The institute also performs R&D activities on the conservation of biomass by the application of appropriate technologies in the traditional stoves.

6. The institute has designed solar cooker, solar hot box, solar drier, solar water heater etc. and R&D activities are being continued in these areas.

7. Feasibility studies on various renewable energy sources like solar, wind, mini-micro hydro have been completed in Meghnaghat, Bandarban, Rangamati and the St. Martins Islands.

8. Durability and feasibility study on silicon photovoltaic panel is under observation for its suitability in Bangladesh climatic condition.

Services rendered

The institute plays an active role in technology transfer activities. It conducts training courses on construction, maintenance, handling and trouble shooting of different models of improved stoves through a package program in or outside the Institute.

Training courses on biogas technology are also offered by the institute through a package program.

IFRD plays a worth mentioning role in awareness creating activities for popularizing appropriate technologies. Seminar and Exhibition named as Application and Dissemination of Appropriate Technologies Developed in the Country is conducted by IFRD, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology.

The institute renders consultancy services on Improved stoves, Biogas and also on Solar and Wind technologies to the GO, NGO, educational institutes, science clubs etc. It also renders advisory services to BSTI.

IFRD offers training courses on Improved stoves and biogas technologies to GO, NGO, educational institutes and science clubs in urban and rural areas in a view to women and gender developments and poverty alleviation.

One of the routine activities of this institute is to help entrepreneurs and industrialists to solve industrial problems by the well trained scientists and technicians of the institute.

Scientists of this institute also pay visit to different industries to see for themselves different industrial problems and solve those in the sites.

The institute plays an important role on human resource development by supervising the research work of post graduate students studying in different universities. Scientists of the institute visit various research organizations, universities home and abroad to present their research papers and also for exchanging their knowledge and views.

The institute also organizes national & international seminars, workshops on various scientific issues related with renewable energy by inviting experts from home and abroad.

Institutional Set-up and Human Resources

Mrs. Mahfuza Khanam

Dr. Md. Abdur Rouf
Principal Scientific Officer
Biogas Technology

Mohammad Shah Jamal
Senior Scientific Officer
Hydro-carbon, Bio-fuel

Mashudur Rahaman
Senior Scientific Officer
Renewable Energy Technology, Material Science, Biogas Technology
+880 1819 900833

S. M. Asaduzzaman Sujan
Senior Scientific Officer
Bio-energy (Bio-oil, Bio-diesel, Biogas)
+880 1726 737404

Md. Saiful Islam
Senior Scientific Officer
Biomass, Biogas, Bio-fuel, Environmental pollution science
+880 1816477161

Muhammad Shahriar Bashar
Senior Scientific Officer
Renewable Energy Technology, Electronics, Biogas Technology
+880 1552 332588

Mosharrof Hossain
Senior Scientific Officer

Samia Tabassum
Senior Scientific Officer
Renewable Energy Technology
+880 1716 129370

Md. Saidul Islam
Scientific Officer
Renewable Energy Technology, Electronics
+880 1716 211197

Taposhi Rabeya
Scientific Officer
Renewable Energy Technology

Sujit Kumar Banik
Scientific Officer
Hydro-carbon, Bio-fuel

Afrina Sharmin
Scientific Officer
Renewable Energy Technology

Abdullah Yusuf Imam
Scientific Officer
Renewable Energy Technology, Electronics

Muhammad Moniruzzaman
Scientific Officer
Hydro-carbon, Bio-fuel

Ajay Kanti Mandal
Scientific Officer Bio-energy

Asadullah Asad
Scientific Officer
Hydro-carbon, Bio-fuel