1. The institute is involved in Research and Development (R&D) activities on renewable energy like biomass, solar, wind, mini and micro-hydro sources.

2. It also performs R&D activities on fossil fuels e.g. conversion of fossil fuel into other forms of energies.

3. It also investigates on environmental pollution created by different gaseous emissions, viz. monitoring of CO concentration as an atmospheric pollutant in Dhaka city.

4. R&D activities are going on for production of biogas from various waste products like cow dung, poultry litter, night soil, press mud, municipal, agricultural, industrial wastes etc.

5. The institute also performs R&D activities on the conservation of biomass by the application of appropriate technologies in the traditional stoves.

6. The institute has designed solar cooker, solar hot box, solar drier, solar water heater etc. and R&D activities are being continued in these areas.

7. Feasibility studies on various renewable energy sources like solar, wind, mini-micro hydro have been completed in Meghnaghat, Bandarban, Rangamati and the St. Martins Islands.

8. Durability and feasibility study on silicon photovoltaic panel is under observation for its suitability in Bangladesh climatic condition.