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The Institute of Fuel Research & Development (IFRD) launched its journey as the Fuel Research Division of the East Regional Laboratory, Dhaka in 1955. In 1967 it was renamed as Fuel & Petrochemical Science and Technology Division of East Regional Laboratory. After the independence it was again renamed as Fuel Division of BCSIR Laboratories, Dhaka. IFRD was established as a separate Institute of BCSIR in 1980

Development of need based improved cook stovesDesign of low cost micro dynamo for generation of   electricity to charge lead acid battery.Development of methods to enrich methane content in biogas and conversation of diesel engine for utilization of biogas.Study the performance of different solar thermal appliances by using selective coating materials on the collector surfacesDesign and development of different type automate devices for energy saving.Production of Ethanol from BagasseProduction & characterization of bio-diesel from waste material in BangladeshDevelopment of new technique for urban solid waste managementEvaluation and study on Biogas pilot plant project of BCSIRDevelopment of solar still.Production of Lubricating oil for Power loom Industries in BangladeshBiogas and biofertilizer from leaves in combination with other organic wastes.Production of charcoal from waste biomassDesign and development of Pico-turbine based lightening system for coastal area and fishing boat.Investigation on improved cookstove performanceGenaration of biogas from slaughter wasteFabrication and charecterization of thin film solar cell for low cost solar power Design and development of a grid tie inverter for solar power systemContinuous monitoring and collection of solar insolations

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